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Preventive Care:

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Preventive dentistry begins when your child’s very first tooth erupts! This is when you should schedule your child’s initial visit to the dentist. We can advise you on how to protect your child’s oral and dental health with a customized brushing and flossing routine and by fully examining your child to detect and potential risks for cavities, diet counseling and if needed, fluoride recommendations and sealants.

This is all to help ensure that your child grows up cavity free!

What this includes:
-Hygiene visits and Fluoride application
-Evaluation and examination of Oral Health and dental development
-Brushing and flossing instruction

Most of the children we see are treated with our simple approach which is using a gentle manner and, if needed, some local anesthesia for cavity filling and treatment appointments. Yet, there are certain situations when some of our patients need help to cooperate, so that the appointment can be safe and comfortable for everyone. If it is decided that your child will need sedation for treatment, the type of sedation will be based on the following:

-The types of dental procedures.
-The child's past experiences.
-Your preferences.
-The doctor's recommendation.
-If sedation is indicated for your child, we will discuss the various options as well as the benefits and possible risks with you.

We Offer:
-Local Anesthsia
-Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
-In Office Moderate IV Sedation

We answer any questions you may have, because we want you to feel fully informed, as well as for your child's dental procedure to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


We offer composite resins - tooth-colored fillings also known as white fillings, which look more natural than other filling materials. Your child can then smile, talk, and eat with confidence!
Every child is different and requires specialized attention to detail for their dental needs. We develop treatment plans that are custom to this and offer a wide range of services.
A few of the many services we offer are:

-Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy, also known as "Baby Root Canals" .
-Space Maintainers
-Stainless Steel Crowns
( Silver Crowns) 
-Resin, Tooth-colored crowns (White Crowns)
Home care:
Lip Biting
Instrucciones después del tratamiento:
Stainless Steel Crown
Coronas De Plata